Saturday, 10 November 2012


Today we went to a Car Boot Sale at my school. Dad gave us some money to spend and I had some of my own money too so all up I had nearly $10 to spend. I bought some really cool things. 

This is what I got:

This is the first thing I bought: a pony hairdressing toy that you can practice hairdos on. It was only $2 and the lady gave me all these accessories for it too.

I also got this doll's bed for a $1:

It is big enough to fit my baby doll in it.

This is one of the cool new jewellery boxes that I bought. The girl gave me a free necklace with it too and she let me choose which one I wanted. I chose this pretty flower one.

This is the other awesome jewellery box that I got. My friend's sister told me about it and then when I saw it I so wanted it and Mum bought it for me. It plays music and the ballerina twirls around.

I got a new wallet and a notebook and a Hannah Montana pen, but the pen got lost when Dad was carrying heaps of stuff to the car.
And I got some new headbands too.

This game was the last thing I bought. I really wanted it but Mum said I didn't have enough money for it. Then the lady asked me how much money I had. I told her that I had $1.30 and she said I could have the game for that much. She was so nice.

I had such a fun day shopping and then playing with my new stuff. My favourite thing that I got was the hairdressing toy because I can change its hair and practice lots of different styles.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Getting our minds off things

To get the baby thing off our minds we

well mainly not all of us

let me start again.


To get the baby thing off our minds

Me, Shane and Grandad sped to the

movies like speeding cheetahs.

We watched Madagascar 3.

It was Amazing.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Sad Sad Sad

The baby in Mummy's tummy is dead L

Mum's First Scan

{Copied from my new Keep Safe Diary}

Mum is having her first scan. 
We have met the midwife. She is quite nice.
Dad was thinking if she was mean he would give her a 
wopping good kick in the bum.