At the beginning of 2012...

Age: 7
Best thing about being 7? I get pretty stuff
And the worst thing? Ella is mean

Height: 129cm

My best friends are: Brearn, Amelia, Amanda


I am in Year 3 at school.
My favourite subject: Netball, reading, writing
My best subjects: Being good
My worst subject: times tables
What I’m most looking forward to: Seeing who my teacher is
What I’m really dreading: changing classrooms

My Favourites

Favourite music: Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Pink
But I really DO NOT like: Adele, Firework by Katy Perry

Favourite movies: Smurfs, Barbie movies
But I really DO NOT like: Tron

Favourite TV shows: The Simpsons, Victorious
But I really DO NOT  like: icarly

Favourite celebrity: Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift
But I really DO NOT like: no one really

Favourite Food: apples, carrots, ice cream, triple chocolate trumpet
But I really DO NOT like: bananas, peas, potato

My Wishlist

*  Bratz with winter clothes and fake snow
* makeup
* princess tea party set
* Laptop
* diamonds
* a big bag of lollies
*lots of cookies