Saturday, 10 November 2012


Today we went to a Car Boot Sale at my school. Dad gave us some money to spend and I had some of my own money too so all up I had nearly $10 to spend. I bought some really cool things. 

This is what I got:

This is the first thing I bought: a pony hairdressing toy that you can practice hairdos on. It was only $2 and the lady gave me all these accessories for it too.

I also got this doll's bed for a $1:

It is big enough to fit my baby doll in it.

This is one of the cool new jewellery boxes that I bought. The girl gave me a free necklace with it too and she let me choose which one I wanted. I chose this pretty flower one.

This is the other awesome jewellery box that I got. My friend's sister told me about it and then when I saw it I so wanted it and Mum bought it for me. It plays music and the ballerina twirls around.

I got a new wallet and a notebook and a Hannah Montana pen, but the pen got lost when Dad was carrying heaps of stuff to the car.
And I got some new headbands too.

This game was the last thing I bought. I really wanted it but Mum said I didn't have enough money for it. Then the lady asked me how much money I had. I told her that I had $1.30 and she said I could have the game for that much. She was so nice.

I had such a fun day shopping and then playing with my new stuff. My favourite thing that I got was the hairdressing toy because I can change its hair and practice lots of different styles.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Getting our minds off things

To get the baby thing off our minds we

well mainly not all of us

let me start again.


To get the baby thing off our minds

Me, Shane and Grandad sped to the

movies like speeding cheetahs.

We watched Madagascar 3.

It was Amazing.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Sad Sad Sad

The baby in Mummy's tummy is dead L

Mum's First Scan

{Copied from my new Keep Safe Diary}

Mum is having her first scan. 
We have met the midwife. She is quite nice.
Dad was thinking if she was mean he would give her a 
wopping good kick in the bum.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My 8th Birthday

On my 8th birthday I got:

* A Keep-Safe Diary

* Connect 4

* Guess Who

* Slippers

* A lollipop pad and pencil

* A Rubbish Bin for my room

* Tennis Balls

* Money

We celebrated my birthday on Saturday. I had lots of presents, and we had yummy food to eat. In the afternoon we went swimming at the pools, and then we went and got some DVDs out. I chose Cat in the Hat and Dark Shadows. They were both cool, and Cat in the Hat was funny.

On Monday I went shopping with my birthday money and I bought a Tennis Set with pink tennis balls, a drink bottle and a pink and purple tennis racquet.

My 8th birthday was amazing.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

I was very sick

I was very sick. I had a whole week off school. I came back on Friday.
I was throwing up heaps. Mum and Dad took my TEMPRICHA (temperature). It was boiling.
Then they took it again. It was way lower now.

I had to stay in bed all day. Dad gave me a phone so I could ring him or Mum when I needed something. 

 I was watching DVDs all day. I watched some that we had and some that Mum got from the DVD shop.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Something bad, something good.

Today Faith had an accident at school during lunchtime and hit her head pretty bad. She was running and as she turned she ran into a metal pole and split her eyebrow open. Mum had to come and pick her up and take her to the doctor to get fixed up.

By the time the doctor was finished it was time to go back to school to pick up Neihana. On the way we stopped in at Dad's work to get a cuddle and show him her big bump. He gave her some lollies from his office and a big hug and kiss.

When we got to the school, Faith went to her classroom to pick up her homework book and show her teacher her swollen eye. Faith's teacher had a surprise for her. She had missed school assembly while she was at the doctor, and she had earned two certificates! One for her choir performance earlier this week, and one for great work in maths.

It was a nice surprise for a little girl with a very sore head. Tonight she is going to relax in front of the TV for a while!

Friday, 11 May 2012


Faith had her first hockey game of the season this week. She did very well and enjoyed herself a lot. Her team won the game 7-2. She is really looking forward to the next game.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

This girl is hilarious!

Faith loves building things with lego, and last week when she had a sick day at home she built a big city out of Shiloh's Mega Blocks for him to play with.

Her creative mind didn't stop there though. Minutes after the 'city' was built, she started giving directions to both Mum and Shiloh, turning the whole game into a movie making session. As always, she was very specific about what was to happen, and I was sworn to secrecy until the finished movie was posted on her blog.

So here it is - enjoy!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Fun at the park

On Wednesday Faith's class went for a walk to look at the war memorials, as part of their Anzac Day study. Along the way they visited a park that we didn't know was there, and so Faith came home and told Mum she really wanted to take the family there sometime.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful and everyone was home, so we all went for a walk so Faith could show us the cool new park she had found with her class. She was very excited and kept reminding us that she was 'the leader' and told us all about the war memorials as we passed them on the way.

It was a good walk. We took the dog, and stopped at the shop for lollies on the way.

The playground was very cool. We go to the parks nearby quite often, so it was nice to find a new one we didn't know was there, that is near our house and has some different playground equipment to play on.

Here are some photos from our time at the park:

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mega Blocks E.T.

Look what I made! It's E.T.



Mummy/Daughter Time

On Anzac day Mum and Faith got to have some much needed Mummy/Daughter time. We went to the park together and practiced our golf swings and just hung out and enjoyed each other, without anyone else taking over the conversation.

We talked and laughed lots. We saw some of Faith's school friends and watched the kids playing rugby for a while. Then we visited the duck pond and walked the track around it, so Faith could show Mum where she will be running the cross country race soon.

As we explored the park, we decided to have an alphabet scavenger hunt. We looked for things starting with every letter of the alphabet and took photos of them.

Some letters were harder than others. We cheated a little with X, and for J we were lucky enough to spot Faith's friend Jake, so she chased after him and snapped his photo, much to his dismay! It started to get dark after a while, so we came home and finished the alphabet with things Faith found around the house.

It was a lovely day, and we are both looking forward to the next time we get to hang out on our own.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Photo Challenge - Day 22 - The last thing I bought

I got OPI Shatter nail polish the other day. I used blue and pink on my nails and mum used black and blue and her toes were silver and black. I didn't do my toenails yet. I am going to soon.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Photo Challenge - Day 20 - Something I Drew


I believe that all of us are born to create.

Faith seems to understand this better than anyone.

Give her some paper, pens, stickers, glue, ribbon, anything really...

...and she will create something beautiful and new.

She has a passion and a flair for anything artistic.

It’s beautiful just to watch her get creative.

It’s inspiring to see her make something lovely out of the simplest of materials.

So we’ve decided we need to keep her arts and craft supplies well-stocked.

Because we all were born to create.

And Faith seems to understand this better than anyone.