Sunday, 22 April 2012

Photo Challenge - Day 22 - The last thing I bought

I got OPI Shatter nail polish the other day. I used blue and pink on my nails and mum used black and blue and her toes were silver and black. I didn't do my toenails yet. I am going to soon.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Photo Challenge - Day 20 - Something I Drew


I believe that all of us are born to create.

Faith seems to understand this better than anyone.

Give her some paper, pens, stickers, glue, ribbon, anything really...

...and she will create something beautiful and new.

She has a passion and a flair for anything artistic.

It’s beautiful just to watch her get creative.

It’s inspiring to see her make something lovely out of the simplest of materials.

So we’ve decided we need to keep her arts and craft supplies well-stocked.

Because we all were born to create.

And Faith seems to understand this better than anyone.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tooth Fairy

My 3rd tooth came out and it didn't hurt at all. I showed Mum my tooth and it was sagging down my bottom lip. She hated it.

The tooth fairy gave me one dollar.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Photo Challenge - Day 3 - Mail

Faith writes about our trip to Christchurch

Mum and Dad said we can go to CHRISTCHURCH. {Faith "AHHHH! I'm going to Chch"}

My friend Victoria in Christchurch (Waiau) made this

My favourite parts of our trip:

©       The wedding because we got to dance in a smoke machine and I put my face in front of it where the smoke comes out and it stunk

©       I get to keep the little black diamonds off the tables

©       The pools at Hanmer Springs

©       I got to meet my cousin Rochelle’s baby Jackson in Christchurch. The baby looked cute.

©       I got to see my second cousin and we had a good time playing and I scared him a lot and he did a robot dance.

©       I had a tiara and Annalise let me wear her earrings and I got 2 necklaces and I got new gloves for the wedding.

©       I got to ride Uncle Charlie’s friend’s scooter. He was at the back and I was at the front. One time I went to town on it and there was a bumpy bit and I couldn’t put my window bit of the helmet up. Then after that I could.

©       We got to have McDonalds twice for lunch.

©       We went shopping at the mall and I bought push-down pens and a loveheart pad with the sticky bit at the end.

©       My dress had white spots and black all around it.

©       At first I bought new earrings for Annalise because I lost one but Aunty Karla found it so I got to keep the earrings and they have got diamond bits and they are very colourful on the diamonds.

©       Aunty Karla let me have a petal basket that had white flowers and black and white bows on the handle. It is so pretty and the white is see-through.

©       I got to print some photos off to show my teacher and I got to stick them on the wall in my room beside my bed.

©       When I got home my blankets were all off my bed and I laughed and Dad was like “grrrr.”

©       We got to see Granny and Grandad in Kaiapoi and Granny took us to the dairy and bought us all an ice block and Shane had a smoothie.

©       At the wedding we had Kids corner and there were pens, pencils and these twist-on crayons. They were Josh, Jordan and Amanda’s stuff. They are my best cousins.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Photo Challenge - Day 1 - Your Reflection

Faith's Crazy Days

I just opened windows movie maker to put Shane's camp photos into it, and came across this video Faith made back in December. At the time she was bored, waiting for Nana to finish what she was doing and get on Skype, and she started playing with the laptop camera and taking funny photos of herself. It kept her amused for quite a while. She couldn't share it on facebook, it wouldn't upload, so when I found it just now, I thought hey, I'll share it here...

Enjoy J