Thursday, 12 January 2012

Presents! Yay!

Faith, Shiloh and Mum went grocery shopping today, while the boys were at a cricket match. Faith really doesn’t like grocery shopping because she thinks it’s boring, but today she was a big help to mum by pushing Shiloh in the pram while mum pushed the trolley. She was a good big sister, taking care not to bump into people and not pushing him too fast, and Shiloh was giving her lots of big smiles and had heaps of fun pulling off his socks.

After we got home we were all very tired and relaxing on the couch watching TV, when the phone rang. It was Aunty Sarah, ringing to tell Faith that a parcel had arrived for her from Bella. Faith was so excited her cheeks went bright pink, and she ran down the hallway to tell the boys. They all went over to get the parcel. It was a new pair of sandals.

Bella has a pair of sandals the same, and when they visited at Christmas, Faith had been admiring them and Aunty Donna and Bella decided to get Faith her own pair. What a lovely Aunty and cousin. Faith has been wearing them ever since, and she says they are sooo comfortable she never wants to take them off!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

First Post

As sort of a New Year's resolution, I've decided to keep a detailed record of the kid's daily happenings this year. 2012 is a big year for us. For Faith it is her first year as a 'middle senior' at school. So this right here, is to be something like an online scrapbook for friends and family to keep in the loop of what she's up to at school, as well as at home and whatever else the year brings to her.

I've sort of got a bit of an idea how it'll look, but as I play around with it, and as the year progresses, I'm sure it'll shape itself. Hopefully those of you interested enough to come this far will enjoy watching Faith's journey unfold on the pages throughout this year.

Happy 2012 everyone!