Saturday, 10 November 2012


Today we went to a Car Boot Sale at my school. Dad gave us some money to spend and I had some of my own money too so all up I had nearly $10 to spend. I bought some really cool things. 

This is what I got:

This is the first thing I bought: a pony hairdressing toy that you can practice hairdos on. It was only $2 and the lady gave me all these accessories for it too.

I also got this doll's bed for a $1:

It is big enough to fit my baby doll in it.

This is one of the cool new jewellery boxes that I bought. The girl gave me a free necklace with it too and she let me choose which one I wanted. I chose this pretty flower one.

This is the other awesome jewellery box that I got. My friend's sister told me about it and then when I saw it I so wanted it and Mum bought it for me. It plays music and the ballerina twirls around.

I got a new wallet and a notebook and a Hannah Montana pen, but the pen got lost when Dad was carrying heaps of stuff to the car.
And I got some new headbands too.

This game was the last thing I bought. I really wanted it but Mum said I didn't have enough money for it. Then the lady asked me how much money I had. I told her that I had $1.30 and she said I could have the game for that much. She was so nice.

I had such a fun day shopping and then playing with my new stuff. My favourite thing that I got was the hairdressing toy because I can change its hair and practice lots of different styles.