Saturday, 6 October 2012

Getting our minds off things

To get the baby thing off our minds we

well mainly not all of us

let me start again.


To get the baby thing off our minds

Me, Shane and Grandad sped to the

movies like speeding cheetahs.

We watched Madagascar 3.

It was Amazing.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Sad Sad Sad

The baby in Mummy's tummy is dead L

Mum's First Scan

{Copied from my new Keep Safe Diary}

Mum is having her first scan. 
We have met the midwife. She is quite nice.
Dad was thinking if she was mean he would give her a 
wopping good kick in the bum.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My 8th Birthday

On my 8th birthday I got:

* A Keep-Safe Diary

* Connect 4

* Guess Who

* Slippers

* A lollipop pad and pencil

* A Rubbish Bin for my room

* Tennis Balls

* Money

We celebrated my birthday on Saturday. I had lots of presents, and we had yummy food to eat. In the afternoon we went swimming at the pools, and then we went and got some DVDs out. I chose Cat in the Hat and Dark Shadows. They were both cool, and Cat in the Hat was funny.

On Monday I went shopping with my birthday money and I bought a Tennis Set with pink tennis balls, a drink bottle and a pink and purple tennis racquet.

My 8th birthday was amazing.