Sunday, 6 May 2012

Fun at the park

On Wednesday Faith's class went for a walk to look at the war memorials, as part of their Anzac Day study. Along the way they visited a park that we didn't know was there, and so Faith came home and told Mum she really wanted to take the family there sometime.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful and everyone was home, so we all went for a walk so Faith could show us the cool new park she had found with her class. She was very excited and kept reminding us that she was 'the leader' and told us all about the war memorials as we passed them on the way.

It was a good walk. We took the dog, and stopped at the shop for lollies on the way.

The playground was very cool. We go to the parks nearby quite often, so it was nice to find a new one we didn't know was there, that is near our house and has some different playground equipment to play on.

Here are some photos from our time at the park:

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