Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Faith writes about our trip to Christchurch

Mum and Dad said we can go to CHRISTCHURCH. {Faith "AHHHH! I'm going to Chch"}

My friend Victoria in Christchurch (Waiau) made this

My favourite parts of our trip:

©       The wedding because we got to dance in a smoke machine and I put my face in front of it where the smoke comes out and it stunk

©       I get to keep the little black diamonds off the tables

©       The pools at Hanmer Springs

©       I got to meet my cousin Rochelle’s baby Jackson in Christchurch. The baby looked cute.

©       I got to see my second cousin and we had a good time playing and I scared him a lot and he did a robot dance.

©       I had a tiara and Annalise let me wear her earrings and I got 2 necklaces and I got new gloves for the wedding.

©       I got to ride Uncle Charlie’s friend’s scooter. He was at the back and I was at the front. One time I went to town on it and there was a bumpy bit and I couldn’t put my window bit of the helmet up. Then after that I could.

©       We got to have McDonalds twice for lunch.

©       We went shopping at the mall and I bought push-down pens and a loveheart pad with the sticky bit at the end.

©       My dress had white spots and black all around it.

©       At first I bought new earrings for Annalise because I lost one but Aunty Karla found it so I got to keep the earrings and they have got diamond bits and they are very colourful on the diamonds.

©       Aunty Karla let me have a petal basket that had white flowers and black and white bows on the handle. It is so pretty and the white is see-through.

©       I got to print some photos off to show my teacher and I got to stick them on the wall in my room beside my bed.

©       When I got home my blankets were all off my bed and I laughed and Dad was like “grrrr.”

©       We got to see Granny and Grandad in Kaiapoi and Granny took us to the dairy and bought us all an ice block and Shane had a smoothie.

©       At the wedding we had Kids corner and there were pens, pencils and these twist-on crayons. They were Josh, Jordan and Amanda’s stuff. They are my best cousins.


  1. Awesome Faith. I love the way you write. Its interesting to read.


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