Friday, 3 February 2012

Back to school

Faith has just finished off the first week back at school for 2012. She started on Wednesday so it was a short week, which is a good way to start getting back into the school routine without getting too tired. She’s happy to be in Mrs Fallow’s class again this year, as Mrs Fallow has returned to the middle school after teaching in the Junior school last year. She had so wanted to be in Room 8 and was all smiles when her named was called in assembly at the start of the first day.

She was stoked to be chosen for Class Leader since she already knows Mrs Fallow’s way of doing things, and has jumped back into school life with gusto. She comments on things I probably wouldn’t have given much thought to, like how she loves her schoolbooks because they have small lines, instead of big lines like her Junior schoolbooks used to have, and how she hates it whenever she leaves the middle school block because the juniors are so noisy. Basically, she’s loving the idea that she’s a big girl now, and being back at school has really brought that home for her.

I’ve reminded her though, that no matter how old she gets, she’ll always, always be my baby princess.

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